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Yes, please!

While the temperatures in AZ are still rising, my mind is already turning to fall when the weather becomes more moderate and the fashions far more to my liking. Thus, I’ve begun searching for pieces (okay, really just dresses as I am OBSESSED w/ dresses, but that’s a post for some other time) that will … Continue reading

Just a bit of a break from the norm…

I’m staring down the barrel of summer vacation and while every year about this time I feel like the marathon that is the school year turns into an ultramarathon and I am limping through the last remaining miles, this year, especially, I am truly in need of an escape from reality, a little “… time to … Continue reading

Live Colorfully

A recent issue of Lucky magazine featured the blog, Color Collective, a site founded by Lauren Willhite as a “…designers’ resource for color. The color palettes are pulled from the work of various designers, artists, and photographers that [Willhite] [is] inspired by.”  Her “…hope [is] [that]you will be inspired too, and use these palettes in your … Continue reading

I Think I’m in Love: Chris Benz

Thanks to the lovely ladies at Matchbook Magazine, an online magazine now in its second issue, I recently was introduced to the genius that is Chris Benz. Upon seeing the designs and garments featured in Matchbook, I immediately took to the interwebs and scoured his site. Looking through Benz’s most recent collection (Fall 2011) and  his past … Continue reading

What Should I Wear?

On March 18th I’m flying to LA for a whirlwind day of touring FIDM, shopping in the fashion district, and attending FIDM’s Spring Debut.  Of course, every free second has been spent plotting outfits for the occasion.  (Like I really need an excuse to formulate outfit ideas.)  This is a somewhat tricky day to plan … Continue reading

Pretty Little Things

A little whimsy, a little sparkle, a touch of JCrew and Kate Spade, and a pop of color are what I want in my life right now!

The Power of Hair

In The Old Testament it is told that his hair was the source of Samson’s superhuman strength.  It was only in cutting his hair that Samson was weak and easily overtaken by his enemies, resulting in his eyes being stabbed out.  Were the ancients implying that, metaphorically at least, hair can lend a sense of coonfidence … Continue reading

Swoon Worthy

I Am A Girl – The Girls With Glasses Theme Song from The Girls With Glasses on Vimeo. Brooke White (singer/songwriter and American Idol Alum) and Summer Bellessa (model and editor of ELIZA Magazine) have joined forces for The Girls With Glasses Show.  This is seriously the most adorable concept I’ve seen in a long … Continue reading

What I Want Now

Ever since JCrew’s Spring 2011 Lookbook came out I’ve been lusting after these ruffled shorts.  They are perfectly feminine and quirky; two of my favorite design twists! I’ve been hoarding a JCrew gift card for such a purchase as this, so once I glanced through the lookbook and spotted them I knew they had to be mine.  … Continue reading