The Power of Hair

In The Old Testament it is told that his hair was the source of Samson’s superhuman strength.  It was only in cutting his hair that Samson was weak and easily overtaken by his enemies, resulting in his eyes being stabbed out.  Were the ancients implying that, metaphorically at least, hair can lend a sense of coonfidence we might otherwise lack?  Can hair really make that big of a difference?

In more modern times celebrity after celebrity has been skewered after a drastic hairstyle change. Take for example, Keri Russell of Disney’s Mickey Mouse Club and Felicity fame.  Felicity became a near overnight success, in large part due to Russell’s luxurious locks:

During season 2, after a breakup with her longtime crush (Ben) on the show, Russell’s character dared to cut her hair:

Many blamed the show’s rating dip on Russell’s audacity to change the look of the character so many had come to idenitfy based solely on a hair style.

Today, Keri Russell is once more on the top of the best celebrity hair lists with a style that combines a softer curl and shoulder length cut, which is quite flattering for her petite frame and gorgeous face structure:

I, myself, am no stranger to the power of a good haircut vs. that of a poor one.  Case in point, my mother, the quintessential hippie holdover in the 1980s, always kept my sister’s and my hair Crystal Gaylesque.  In the sixth grade I finally convinced my mother to let me change up my hairstyle by allowing me to cut off several inches and get bangs cut in.  Please bare in mind that 80s bangs were all the rage and I wanted that hairsprayed puff atop my head.  I wanted to carry around a bottle of Aqua Net and shellac  those suckers down every five minutes.

Enter Mark at the Orpheum…for a 9-year-old girl from a relatively small Mid-western town, the Orpheum and Mark were the pinnacle of high style.  Mark listened to my demands- inches off and bangs atop my crown- and went to work creating his magnum opus:

I would like to say I learned my lesson and no longer allowed Mark at the Orpheum to touch my hair, but alas, a mere three years later, like some kind of Alzheimer patient, I returned to his salon, and allowed his masterful stylings to once more render me all hair:

Now, to be fair to Mark, he was only fulfilling my wishes and I do have naturally curly, thick hair…it can’t help but be big. 

As an adult I’ve come to realize that if I wear my hair curly I have to simply accept my coiff will be giant, but it can be somewhat helped if I keep it at a shorter, layered length.  And more recently, I’ve started to wear my hair straight, which while much, much tamer, is frankly very lacking in style. 

 I delude myself into believing this lack of style is because I am a busy mother of two, but honestly, it has less to do with time and more to do with the fact that I am rendered totally useless when it comes to styling my hair.  It’s far easier to wear it curly or just straighten it than it is to actually execute a particular style day in and day out.

Currently, I am about a month overdue for a cut and color; thus, the color is dull, the grey is starting to overrun my roots, and the length is in a weird not short but not long length.  Overall, it’s totally unflattering and makes me want to don a hat until my Tuesday appointment. 

 I am obsessing over what to do.  I’ve been going darker of late and I want to keep that, but the cut itself could use a good shaking up, but I am plum out of ideas.  Plus, I am afraid that per my usual salon behavior I will channel my Mark at the Orpheum experience, mentally curl up in fetus position, and go with what I always go with: shorter length, layers…blah, blah, blah.

I wish I had the nerve to do something daring, something far shorter than I’ve gone yet.  Something, perhaps, along these lines:

I think the cut is very sophisticated and flattering, although maybe a tad too edgy for my overall personal style?.  Mostly, I fear what will happen if I do go so short….And what’s the worst that could happen, really?  I hate it?  Big deal; grow it out, perhaps for a long time, but it’s not as if I will find myself shackled to stone colemns, eyes gouged out.

I’ve also considered something close to this cut:

The main issue with this style is that my hair is definitely curler than this, so I would have to find just the right product, which in and of itself is a nightmare, and then properly apply it and style my hair while drying.  All seemingly simple things, but I really am totally hopeless when it comes to doing much more than drying my hair.

I’ve also thought about going back to this length and cut, which I had a few years ago.  (poor iPhone quality, sorry)

Essentially, I am at a loss and have four days in which to decide the future of my hair and confidence for the next few months.  So, I am calling on you, dear reader(s), what should I do to my hair?  Please take the poll below and help me make up my mind by Tuesday!

3 Responses to “The Power of Hair”
  1. Shannon says:

    So, when do we get to see pics of the new style?!?!

  2. Haha! I actually didn’t do anything crazy, per usual. Covered the grey and had her trim things up, but I will see if I can get my photographer to take a pic!

  3. Auntie RhiRhi says:

    Sorry this is way overdue…I’ve been busy drooling over my Kate Spade (that I still haven’t taken back and yes, feel extreme buyers remorse right now) I just keep thinking this too shall pass!

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